Marcus King Details Falling For A Lost & Broken Soul On New Single “Hero”

Marcus King Country Music
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Marcus King dropped his third single from his forthcoming project Mood Swings. 

Keeping on the theme of loving one through brokenness and finding yourself in toxic relationships, “Hero” is another stellar single from King.

“I wrote this song with my buddy Dan Auerbach, here in Nashville. I was dating this girl at the time, and I just kind of always felt like, you know, when things were going really good, she seemed to have this real desire to just blow everything up.

She didn’t know how to be loved, and I guess I didn’t at the time either…and this song just kind of happened.

Sometimes, you just sit around, and things just kind of fall out of the sky. It seems like if a song needs to be written, it usually is.”

King detailed in a clip promoting the song, noting that the lyrics follow:

“A love story of a strong-willed, self-assured young woman fallin’ for another wandering lost and broken heart…”

The heavily acoustic track has a folk-blues sound, highlighting King’s incredible vocal range. With a funky bongo-sounding procession, the softer drum sound brings about a classical guitar focal point found in King’s older songs that fans love. While still incorporating aspects of the Rick Rubin production sound, it flows with the other singles released from Mood Swings. 

King’s collaboration with Dan Auerbach led to vulnerability beautiful lyrics. Not knowing how to be loved is a complex topic, but they wrapped up the feelings in a sonically stunning package.

“Your soft, green eyes never told me any lies
But your lips have turned me ’round a time or two
Tried to prove that you were wrong
But you told me all along that you weren’t looking for a hero
You’ve done your time with figures made of stone…”

Marcus King did it again with “Hero.” April 5th can’t come soon enough; I am beyond excited to listen to Mood Swings in full.

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