North Carolina Deer Hunter Spots A… Zebra? From The Tree Stand

Deer hunter in North Carolina
Prestin Partan


I’ve seen some unexpected things in the woods, as have many hunters, but a zebra in the woods? That would be a shocker for any deer hunter. Can you even imagine? My first question is, what kind of Tiger King establishment is near by? The second question… did anyone accidentally shoot the poor thing?

Zebras are native to Africa, but occasionally, people like themselves some weird pets. These striped donkeys are known to get loose from time to time, most famously that story from Maryland a few years back, but that doesn’t mean it’s a normal thing to see. Especially when you’re out hunting…

I mean, sure… deer aren’t black and white striped, but they have a similar shape. Deer are no 700-pound animal, but I’m willing to bet there are plenty of reckless and irresponsible hunters who would still have a shot at it. Whether they mistake it for a deer or not.

This hunter was out in North Carolina when he had the shock of any hunter’s lifetime while sitting in his deer stand. A familiar rustle came through the woods as an animal fed and walked along. But when he laid his eyes on it, it was little different looking.

From his stand this hunter gets a video of a black and white striped zebra roaming around the woods. You can see the fence between the zebra and the hunter, so it seems like this has to be some kind of farm with exotic animals, but nevertheless, what a sight to see.

He had to at least put the scope up on it…

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As Kevin Hart would say… it’s a deerbra:

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