Florida Bobcat Seen Swimming Across Bay By Couple In Boat

Bobcat swimming in bay
First Coast News

Guess cats don’t hate water all that much…

A Florida couple was doing what Florida couples do, taking some friends out on their boat for a day on the water, when they spotted a very unlikely animal making its way across the bay.

They hadn’t gone far from Rose Marina in Marco Island when Chris Pfaller spotted something in the water. His wife thought it was a housecat but when they got a bit closer it became clear it was a bobcat.

Florida is home to a sizable population of bobcats, which have been found in nearly all environments in the state, from urban landscapes to deep swamps. They weigh around 20 pounds and are general about twice the size of a housecat.

While they don’t spend a lot of time in the water, it sure looks like they’re more than capable if they have to, as this one was swimming across the bay to get to land on the other side.

The couple said to NBC-2:

“We stayed away as far as we could just so we didn’t stress the animal out any further because it did look like it had gone on a rather far journey from the other island… It was pretty amazing. It was very cool to see.”

As if sharks, rays, jellyfish, and the occasional alligator weren’t scary enough in Florida’s waters, I guess we have to add bobcats to the ever growing list now…

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