Charles Wesley Godwin To Release ‘Live From Echo Mountain’ On Streaming Platforms This Friday

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
David McClister

Live from Echo Mountain.

Yesterday, Charles Wesley Godwin announced that all of the songs from his Live From Echo Mountain videos that were previously shared to Youtube will be released as audio on all streaming platforms this Friday, March 8th.

He recorded several live performances at the stunning Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, North Carolina with his band during the larger recording process for his 2023 major label debut album Family Ties last year, and each and every one was fantastic:

It’s a gorgeous studio, and you can see all of the gorgeous stained glass windows of the former church front and center, which sits on the edge of downtown Asheville and only adds to the richness, beauty and depth of these songs.

The audio is spectacular and Charles and his band, The Allegheny High, are perfectly in tune backing him and super tight as always, so I know all of that will translate beautifully on the audio from these videos. And of course, I’m sure fans will love getting to be able to listen to these live videos whenever they want on their favorite.

Consider this my official petition for every artist to release audio from well-done live performance videos like these to streaming…

CWG also shared the tracklist of all the songs that will be featured, which are all from CWG’s aforementioned major label debut album:

Live From Echo Mountain tracklist:

All Again
Another Leaf
West Of Lonesome
Two Weeks Gone
Miner Imperfections
Dance In Rain
Willing And Able
The Flood

“Another Leaf”

“Miner Imperfections”

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