Bear Cub Stops On The Side Of The Road And Hilariously Plays With Balloon Until It Floats Away  

bear balloon

Ya gotta love it.

Bears have so much personality. Sometimes you gotta wonder exactly what’s going on their heads. These creatures seem to be able to do anything they want to.

The similarities to humans is almost scary. The way they sit down and eat, or the way their cubs play together like kids, is simply amazing.

That connection of feeling like they can do what we can makes them relatable in a sense.

Black bears can reach weights over 600 pounds but can run, bite and climb with the best of them. They are abled animals that always need to eat. And this drive to get food has made them one of the most intelligent creatures around.

It also drives them to urban areas, as their nose picks up all our food and waste. Black bears love towns and their easy supply of food in the garbage, which leads to some hilarious encounters with bears, like this one here.

A mother bear and her cub are seen crossing a busy road when the cub takes notice of a balloon tied to a storm drain.

Unable to help itself the bear stops and starts hitting the balloon, playing with it just like a kid. It gets more excited as it realizes the fun of balloons and hits it harder.

Eventually the balloon becomes unstuck, and the cub sadly watches it float away.

Just like a kid.

What a cool thing catch on video.

@krista15311Bear cub playing with a red balloon 🎈

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