Biologist Gets Wildly A Close Encounter When Darted Mountain Lion Leaps Right Over His Head

Mountain lion dart

There are close encounters with wildlife, and then there’s a pissed off cougar jumping inches above your head. That’s a different ballgame, folks.

Mountain lions or cougars are some of the most fierce animals out there. Known to go unseen, with the old saying being “if you see one, it’s already too late.” These are apex predators, that are highly accurate and efficient. They are smart and patient animals that track and attack at the right time. These massive cats take no risk.

They can reach weights of 175 pounds, making them the largest wild cat in North America by far. These beasts are known to be elusive killers, that can jump up to 40 feet from a standstill. Between their powerful legs, claws and bite, most prey don’t have a chance once they lock onto anything. They are precise and attack kill zones with power.

Naturally, most people would want to stay well clear of an animal like that. But wildlife biologists are just different. They do what they got to do, willingly, for research and the health of all wildlife. This Arizona biologist proved that quickly.

A hound crew took him out to track down a mountain lion. They got it cornered in a rock face when the biologist didn’t hesitate and got to work. He is seen up in the crevasse pointing his dart gun at the cat to tranquillize it. He fires and the cat loses it. It comes down out off the rocks and straight for the biologist. That cat takes a leap at him and goes right over his head. It then turns to the other man, who yells to keep it away.

Take about a close one, but… all in a day’s work for that guy.

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