‘American Idol’ Contestant Tips Her Hat To John Prine Auditioning With “Angel From Montgomery”

Laela Dasher American Idol
American Idol

Laela Dasher tipped her hat to the great John Prine.

Last week, American Idol highlighted her brother’s audition, where Max Dasher stunned the judges with Utah Phillips’ track “Rock Salt and Nails.” This family clearly has a musical gene because his sister, Laela, auditioned for the talent competition this week. Stepping onto the audition floor with her brother accompanying her on acoustic guitar, she delivers a beautiful version of John Prine’s “Angel of Montgomery.”

Laela takes a softer approach to the song, similar to Prine and Emmylou Harris’ delivery from their studio cuts, nailing the vocals. Her unique vocals set her apart from her brother’s booming delivery, but I think it fits her song choice perfectly.

After she sings the song, Katy Perry begins comparing the two performances. However, in the comments, fans noted how that did not seem fair. If Laela did not have Max accompanying her on guitar, noting that he is her brother, they would have nothing to compare her to.

Luke Bryan then asks if the two can sing together, and they break out into The Head and The Heart’s “Rivers and Roads.” The harmonies blend perfectly together as their voices complement one another.

“I don’t know what you all are going to do next, but I know I’m going to like it. It’s just magical, separate and together.” 

Lionel Richie says as feedback. While he was an instant yes for Laela to join her brother in Hollywood, Katy Perry was a tougher sell. Still standing on the ground that her brother had a better range, she gave Laela a no. But Luke Bryan’s vote secured her a spot in Hollywood, not breaking up the sibling duo.

“I’m not busting y’all up. I’m giving you a yes!”

Often, looking back on auditions, judges have noted that they have missed the mark on their answers for the talent they have, and I have a feeling that Katy Perry might be feeling that in the rounds to come watching Laela. Her voice is softer than some, but she delivers each note effortlessly and captives listeners.

Check it out.

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