George Jones & Alan Jackson’s 1994 Duet Of “A Good Year For The Roses” Is Country At Its Best

George Jones and Alan JAckson country music
Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson and George Jones… COME ON WITH IT. I mean you want country music, THIS is some country damn music.

Written by Jerry Chesnut, “A Good Year For The Roses” was released in 1970, the lead single from his 1971 album, George Jones With Love. A decade later, it would go on to be a hit for Elvis Costello as well.

But then, George teamed up with the great Alan Jackson for a duet of heartbreak ballad in 1994. However, as incredible as it is, it didn’t chart well at all back then. It didn’t even crack the top 50.

George recalled being pretty unhappy with the radio response in his autobiography:

“Alan was white-hot on the radio, and programmers wanted his voice. But some didn’t want his if they had to take mine.

The vast majority of Alan’s other single records have gone to number one. His duet with me was his first not to crack the top 50.”

Don’t worry George, radio still sucks. And how about Alan with the beard in this music video? Alan is known for rocking that signature stache, but Alan with the beard… ELITE.

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