Chicago Bears Reporter Drops F-Bomb On Air Following Audio Issues: “**** This”

ESPN on air
ESPN 1000

ESPN reporter Courtney Cronin simply wasn’t having it.

She joined the “Kap & J. Hood Morning Show” on ESPN Chicago 1000 live from the NFL Combine to talk about the prospect of former USC quarterback Caleb Williams. No one knows how the NFL draft will shake out, but Williams to the Chicago Bears is a possibility.

Cronin was there on the radio show to speak on that and what she had seen out of him at the combine, but there was just one issue. From the get go, the morning show had some audio issues, and Cronin did not have any patience with it.

She tried to power through it for a moment, but she was clearly frustrated by the show’s long intro already, and when Cronin’s voice started to echo, she grabbed her wired headphones and microphone and said this right into it before dropping out of the show:

“Alright, **** this.”

It’s hilarious that one of the co-hosts suggested that the show would fix the audio issues and bring her back in a moment. Spoiler alert…she never came back.

I will say that it was a very utilitarian use of the f-bomb. She wasn’t messing around, didn’t add any extra show to it, and promptly left right after she did it. Well played in my opinion.

Some online were quick to judge, saying that Courtney Cronin should have been more professional. Others were more forgiving with the ESPN reporter’s f-bomb, and even praised her for handling the situation the way she did:

Oof…hit her with the Karen comparison. In 2024, that’s one of the worst insults you can get hurled your way (sorry to all of the regular Karens out there).

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