Charles Wesley Godwin Releases Whole “Live From Boston” Concert

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Charles Wesley Godwin/Youtube

Love from Boston.

Charles Wesley Godwin is blessing his fans by giving them an entire concert to watch from the comfort of their couch.

Sounds like a dream, right? Enjoying some of your favorites from Family Ties with a cold beer that doesn’t cost you $15. CWG has been slowly putting individual songs from the show on YouTube and most recently posted the whole hour-long set on the platform so you can enjoy it in full.

“The entire collection of videos from last summer’s show at Royale in Boston, MA, including the full hour-long concert film, are now on YouTube! Hope you enjoy!”

With multiple camera angles and enhanced audio, watching this concert feels more like a cinematic experience. You can tell throughout each song that CWG and The Allegheny High have so much stage chemistry, and playing music together is more than a job… it’s their way of life.

This is the best way to spend an hour of your time, and if you don’t already love Charles Wesley Godwin and The Allegheny High this will fully convert you to a fan.

Fire it up.

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A beer bottle on a dock