Tennessee Titans’ New Stadium To Have Largest Rooftop Bar In The United States

Nissan Stadium
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Everything’s bigger in Tennessee.

At least at the new Tennessee Titans stadium, which is set to be completed and open for business in 2027. And speaking of things being bigger, the proposed budget for the new Nissan Stadium is around $2.1 billion, and yes, that’s with a “b.”

The enclosed stadium itself, which will be able to house around 55,000-60,000 people, will be located on the East Bank of Nashville, close to where the existing Nissan Stadium stands. The new home of the Tennessee Titans will be a 1.75 million square feet facility, and will be locked in for a lease of 30 years, meaning that the Titans aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Building an enclosed stadium will allow for Nashville to be a potential choice for big-scale events like the NCAA Final Four and the Super Bowl, and will allow for “Music City” to continue to be a popular stop for big acts touring the country.

Today is the official groundbreaking event for the new Titans stadium, and even more information was revealed about the project. Fox Nashville reporter Jill Jelnick was happy to let football fans know that the new Nissan Stadium will feature the largest rooftop bar in the United States… because why wouldn’t it have that?

Spanning across 70,000 square feet, the rooftop bar will be the place to be when the Titans struggle to win games and their fans need quick, alcohol-delivered relief. Like the rest of the stadium’s renderings, the rooftop bar does look like an incredible place to hang out (and spend $16 per beer).

Check it out:

As another Whiskey Riff employee pointed out, since its a rooftop bar in Nashville, now the stadium just has to figure out what country music star’s name will be associated with it.

Looks like we’ve got a “leader in the clubhouse” considering that Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood were seen at the groundbreaking ceremony. In the picture below, Garth and Trish are talking to the newly hired Titans head coach Brian Callahan, and my guess is that Brooks is saying one of two things:

“How much do we have to put on the table to slap ‘Garth and Trisha’s Rowdy Rooftop’ on this sucker?”

Or he’s saying this:

“Listen, when you do the groundbreaking, just make sure you don’t do too much groundbreaking. Just don’t go 6-feet down is all that I’ll say.”

I guess you could even call it “Friends in High Places,” considering it’ll be near the top of the new Titans stadium. And since the name “Friends in Low Places” is already taken by an establishment just across the Cumberland River….

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock