Missouri Highway Patrol Officer Shows Off His Strength Flipping Round Bale Off Road

Police officer moves bale of hay

Sworn to protect, serve, and toss round bales.

A Missouri Highway Patrol officer is getting a boatload of attention after dashcam footage of him clearing a traffic hazard from a road hit the internet. Reports of a large round hay bale blocking Route A in Callaway County, Missouri were received the other day and Officer Isaiah Lemasters made his to the scene to see what he could do.

The round bale had most likely fallen off the back of a truck and was partially blocking one of the lanes. Most people would call in for some machinery to take care of the problem, but not Officer Lemasters, who had received the Physical Fitness Award during his training back in 2022 as part of the Patrol’s 114th Recruit Class, according to Lake Expo.

Round hay bales can weigh anywhere from 400 to 1700 pounds, per AgTech, and this one looks to be around a medium sized one. It comes up to his chest on the shorter end, so we’re talking somewhere between 600 to 800 pounds, maybe more? But those daunting numbers meant nothing to Officer Lemasters, who put his shoulder into it, got his hands underneath, and lifted it straight off the ground, flipping it off the road.

Seriously, this is impressive.

I’m sure he’s been dreaming of a moment like this for a long time and now the entire world gets to see the results of all his time spent slinging iron at the gym. Safe to say, we need more officers who are as physically capable as this guy and it’s awesome to see a dude handling business with his own two hands.

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