Jimmy Fallon Deserves An Award For His Laser-Focused Eye Contact During Sydney Sweeney Interview

Jimmy Fallon Sydney Sweeney
The Tonight Show

Many have tried, and many have failed…

The saga of late-night hosts trying not to stare at their well-endowed guests’ chests lives on…but Jimmy Fallon has finally succeeded. Over the years, we have seen some hilarious instances where guests have either redirected the host’s attention, like Nicole Scherzinger famously busting Conan for staring at her breasts, or hosts like Craig Ferguson shamelessly owning it and noting that he was staring at his guest’s chest the whole interview.

As a girl…I say if you’ve got it, flaunt it, but it poses a challenge time and time again when you are wearing a revealing dress or top during an interview. The ‘it’ girl on the internet right now is Sydney Sweeney. The girls love her because of her acting, fashion, and more, and boys love her because…well… she’s got a rack.

After SNL announced that Sweeney would be hosting soon, the internet went feral, noting that this might lead to Super Bowl like ratings. And since the internet can’t leave this girl alone, we are back with more hilarious commentary. The other night, Sweeney appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the duo chatted about her upcoming host gig along with the success of her and Glen Powell’s romcom hit Anyone But You. 

While the conversation flowed, one thing that stood stagnant was Fallon’s eyes. Sweeney stepped onto the set wearing a revealing black and white dress, showing off her breast assets. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist a bad pun.)

God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, right?

Fallon passed the test with flying colors, maintaining STONG eye contact in hopes of not joining the ranks of other late-night hosts who get outted for letting their gaze drift downward. Good on you, Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy was praised for his veteran focus:

Just for fun, let’s take a trip down memory lane of the less-than-successful attempts from other hosts.

Craig Ferguson jokes about needing a “boob shield” during an interview with Jennifer Tilly.

Jimmy Kimmel tries not to stare at Kim Kardashian’s boobs while learning to take the perfect selfie… and fails.

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