Charles Wesley Godwin Shares Unreleased New Song “Then I’m Gone”

David McClister

Gone are the days where country music fans have to wait for a record to drop to hear new music.

Luckily for us, some of the best country artists out there can write a song, record a draft of it, and then hit the “post” button on their social media accounts.

Some of the bigger names in the genre like to post teasers, or entire songs, long before they ever make an album. Zach Bryan most famously does it, and Luke Combs has been known to do it a time or two before as well.

Another name that’s started to share sneak peaks more frequently is none other than Charles Wesley Godwin. And let me tell you, I am here for it every time that he does.

There might not be a singer/songwriter in the business that has more range than CWG. He can write a song that you have to play full blast through your car speakers (“Cue Country Roads”) just as well as he can craft a heart-crushingly sad tribute to a West Virginia mine disaster from the early 1900s (“Sorry for the Wait”).

Whether it’s a high energy anthem or a slow-moving ballad, Charles Wesley Godwin has proved time and time again that he can handle it all. And he looks to be introducing fans to another slower, melodic tune with this new, unreleased song titled “Then I’m Gone.”

Godwin sat down and played it presumably right after he wrote it, considering he captioned the video with “straight out of the notebook.” The song shows off Charles’ soulful vocals, especially when “Then I’m Gone” gets to its chorus:

“I’m settled down
and I’ll see you around your town anyway.
But I’ll never stay past the night you need a song,
then I’m gone.”

CWG just released a new album, titled Family Ties, later last year, so it’s nice to see that he’s already got some new music in the works. Looks like he’ll be working on some songwriting during down time in his busy schedule for 2024, as he travels the country on his headlining tour.

Here’s to hoping that he also finds some time to share new music when it feels right, like he did with this sneak peak of “Then I’m Gone.” Take a listen:

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