Tyler Childers Delivers Stunning Acoustic Cover Of Pink Floyd’s “Time” In London

Tyler Childers country music

Tyler Childers giving the London fans what they want (and need).

During a tour stop across the pond in London last week at Eventim Apollo as part of his Mule Pull ’24 Tour, the Kentucky native pulled out a Pink Floyd classic for fans in attendance at the concert.

Tyler has covered the song at concerts here and there over the years, but I imagine it hits just a little bit different when you hear it in the origin place of the iconic rock band.

“Time” was included as the fourth track of Pink Floyd’s 1973 eighth studio album The Dark Side of the Moon, and was also released as a single in the United States. Written by bassist Roger Waters, guitarist David Gilmour shares lead vocals with keyboardist Richard Wright.

Waters previously told Rolling Stone where the inspiration came from:

“I wrote that when I was 29 years old. The bits in the song where it goes, ‘No one told you when to run/You missed the starting gun,’ it’s about my experience of being 29 years old and certainly going, ‘Fuck me. It’s the middle of life.

I’ve been told that I was preparing for something.’ The reason it’s a good song is because it describes the predicament of anybody who, growing up — if we’re grown up at all — suddenly realizes that time is going really, really fast.

It makes you start to philosophize about life and what is important and how to derive joy from that.”

Amen to that…

It quickly became a fan-favorite and has since been certified Silver in the UK by the RIAA, but hearing Timmy Tyler belt it out with just his acoustic guitar is something special. He certainly made it his own in the best way, and that voice is simply once in a generation.

Do yourself a favor and check it out:


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