Lawyer For “ChiefsAholic” Delivers All-Time Statement After The Kansas City Super Fan Pleads Guilty To Bank Robbery & Money Laundering

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A scripted comedy could not write something as funny as this.

The story of Xavier Babudar, who is more popularly known as “ChiefsAholic,” is wild to say the least. He once was known as the Kansas City Chiefs biggest, most die-hard fan. Now, Babudar is known for being a a bank robber and a money launderer.

How did he get caught? “ChiefsAholic” was a serial bank robber, and only robbed banks when the Chiefs were playing away games. That’s literally how he became a suspect, and how he was eventually charged and arrested.

So that brings us to today, when Xavier Babudar plead guilty to his crimes and now faces up to 50 years in prison for his violent bank robbing spree. That’s what should have been grabbing headlines today, but instead, Babudar’s lawyer stole the show.

He made some statements on behalf of his client after the guilty plea, and sticking with the football-super-fan theme, he related “Chiefaholic’s” arrest to handling pocket pressure as an NFL quarterback:

“From the beginning of this case folks, the government has been blitzing, and Xavier’s pocket was collapsing. But today, Xavier stepped into the pressure. He took responsibility for his actions. He stood up in court humble and repentant, and admitted what he had done.”

So Xavier stepped into the pocket and took a hit by pleading guilty to the crimes that he committed? That metaphor doesn’t exactly work out.

But don’t think too long about that, because there’s more football references where that came from:

“Now if I know anything about Xavier, and if the Chiefs Kingdom knows anything about ChiefsAholic, we know that he doesn’t give up. We know that if he stumbled, and he fell, he didn’t let his knee touch the ground.

That’s because he’s capable of doing a great thing. And he knows that there’s still hope. We still have a lot of work to do on his case, but Xavier wants everyone to know that he loves the Chiefs Kingdom, he loves Kansas City, and he hopes that you’ll rally to his support.”

That might go down as the craziest statement a lawyer has ever made. Social media ran wild with the quote from “Chiefaholic’s” legal representative, especially the part where his lawyer was painting him as a hero when he was…let me check my notes here…a serial bank robber.

Take a look at some of the commentary that X (formerly Twitter) users rolled out in response to the lawyer’s hilarious statement:

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