You’re Not Going To Believe The Size Of This Salmon That Was Caught In Argentina

salmon fishing

It’s hard to believe that this is really a salmon…

A video taken in the Santa Cruz province of Argentina has the online fishing world all spun up and for good reason.

Tres Amigos Outfitters offers destination fishing trips to the remote glacial river system in south Patagonia, where anglers are put on bodies of water that hold absolutely enormous trout and salmon, but one chinook, or king salmon, that was caught earlier this month on the Rio Caterina is in a league of its own.

Just take a look at this thing, there’s no use in describing it beforehand.

DO YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THAT MONSTER?! Estimated to be over 66 pounds and measuring over 46 inches long and 31.5 inches around, this king is a certified tank.

Do you know the craziest part? This isn’t even the biggest salmon pulled from these waters. The outfitter claims there are 90+ pounders out there and may have got a client on one back in 2018, when he landed a 53 inch long, 35 inch around Chinook estimated to be 87.7 pounds, which is 10 pounds shy of the world record.

The largest king salmon ever landed with tackle weighed over 97 pounds and was caught on the Kanai River in Alaska back in 1985.

If the guides are to be believed, and judging from the proof I don’t see why they wouldn’t be, the world record fish is swimming down in Argentina as we speak…

Going to buy me a lottery ticket because I need to go down there for a long fishing trip and get after some of these guys. My brain is having a hard time comprehending that these are real…

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