Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Details His Brutal ‘Lone Survivor’ Story On Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Marcus Lutrell Navy SEAL
The Joe Rogan Experience

In you’re not familiar with Marcus Luttrell, you should be.

He’s a retired Navy SEAL, a war hero, Mark Wahlberg played him in the a movie Lone Survivor… the dude is a world class bad mf’er whose life story is second to none. A man who descended into the depths of hell… and came back alive.

During his visit with Joe Rogan a couple years back, Marcus and Joe dug into his military career, Operation Red Wings, the movie Lone Survivor and more, and while the podcast ended up getting cut short because Marcus had a little too much to drink (happens to the best of us), his story about his time on Afghanistan is absolutely incredible.

If you’ve seen Lone Survivor or read Marcus’ book (and even if you haven’t), it’s definitely worth a listen.

His first-hand account of the sheer brutality of war, the differences between real life and the movies, and his perspective now after surviving the worst imaginable set of circumstances, is probably something everybody should hear. Of course, like many military heroes, there are some discrepancies between his account of the events he experienced in combat zones, and what others have claimed to have really happened, but either way, this man has seen some of the worst of it.

Listen to Marcus recall his rescue during the horrific Operation Red Wings.

Marcus also detailed why he ultimately decided to go back into the military after his nightmare experience in Afghanistan.

And finally, Joe asked what it was like having a movie made about the absolute worst moment of his life.

“It’s an honor to be a part of that. Man, it’s about me getting my *** whipped. As a fighter and a warrior, those are usually the stories you don’t want out.”


And if you’ve never seen Lone Survivor, check out the trailer:

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