Joe Rogan Says His Podcast With Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Ended Because He Had A Little Too Much Whiskey

Marcus Luttrell sitting in a chair with a microphone in front of him

If you were to look at me and retired US Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, you would think that we have absolutely nothing in common.

He’s a retired Navy SEAL, a war hero, Mark Wahlberg played him in a movie… the dude is a world class badass whose life story is second to none. A man who descended into the depths of hell and came back alive.

Me, I’m just a lowly internet blogger and podcast co-host, but after Luttrell’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, we finally have something in common….

We’ve both consumed entirely too much whiskey during a podcast.

During his visit with the great Joe Rogan, Marcus and Joe dug into his military career, Operation Red Wings, the movie Lone Survivor and more, but the podcast ended rather abruptly after Luttrell went to the bathroom.

Why? Luttrell had a few too many sips of whiskey.

Joe shared the following explanation on Instagram:

“A real honor and a hell of a good time to share a podcast with a great man and a real hero. We could all use someone like Marcus Luttrell in our lives. You know you’re a bad motherfucker when Mark Wahlberg plays you in a movie.

If you don’t know who Marcus is, he’s the real life SEAL that was the subject of the incredible movie “Lone Survivor.”

We talked a lot of shit and drank a lot of whiskey. For people wondering why the podcast cut off abruptly after Marcus went to take a leak we decided that perhaps he had consumed a little too much to continue talking, and in retrospect, I believe that was the correct decision.

Hahahaha! We’ll do it again, I’m sure. I enjoyed the fuck out of it, and I hope you do too.”

Been there… done that. It happens to the best of us…

In all seriousness though, if you’ve seen Lone Survivor or read Marcus’ book (and even if you haven’t), it’s definitely worth a listen.

His first-hand account of the sheer brutality of war, the differences between real life and the movies, and his perspective now after surviving the worst imaginable set of circumstances, is probably something everybody should hear.

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Listen to Marcus recall his rescue during the horrific Operation Red Wings.

Marcus also detailed why he ultimately decided to go back into the military after his nightmare experience in Afghanistan.

Fun fact: Joe is actually has some pretty good taste in country music.

He’s had Sturgill Simpson on a couple of times, Chris Stapleton, and even extended the invite to Colter Wall who was “busy ranching” at the moment.

He’s also praised praised Tyler Childers a number of times as well.

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