Fisherman Reels In Once In A Lifetime White Sailfish In Guatemala

White sailfish
Pacific Fins Resort, Guatemala

This guy will have a fishing story to tell for the rest of his life.

Pacific Fins Resort in Guatemala recently bragged on their social media account that a once in a lifetime fish was reeled in just off the coast of their location. Paul Renfro was visiting the luxury fishing resort, and while he was aboard Pacific Fins’ 40-foot boat, he caught an incredibly rare white sailfish.

The post on Facebook described the rarity of fish that was brought into the deep-sea fishing vessel, and congratulated Renfro on being the one to reel it in:

“The Billfish Unicorn, one in a million, or an albino sailfish? Whatever you want to call it, it’s a sight you will never forget. Congrats to Paul Renfro and his group for releasing a leucistic sailfish (proper scientific name).”

What a beautiful sailfish.

Not only will Renfro be able to do the classic “it was this big” while telling his fishing story, he’ll also be able to throw in a “it was this rare.” Pacific Fins Resort went on in their post to talk about how Guatemala is one of the premiere destinations for catching sailfish, and detailed the most previous leucistic sailfish that was reeled in:

“Guatemala is know as the sailfish capital of the world, but with the thousands of sails released each year, it’s a rare catch for sure. The last time this happened was in 2018, another leucistic sailfish was caught in our waters.”

And if this whole time you’ve been asking “what does leucistic mean,” the term just refers to the partial loss of all pigmentation. It’s like albinism, except it doesn’t affect pigmentation of an animal’s eyes. When you see a true albino mammal, for instance, they generally have red eyes, pink noses, etc… whereas a leucistic mammal will really just have white fur. Eyes, nose, feet… everything else is normal colors.

If you believe in learning one new thing everyday, you can holster that fun fact and drop an “well actually” whenever it feels necessary…

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