Man Wades Into Pond To Save Native Hawk That Was Being Drowned By Invasive Muscovy Duck

man rescues hawk

I’m conflicted on how this whole thing played out…

A group of friends were outside for some event when they noticed some birds fighting in a nearby pond.

From the commentary in the video, we can make out that a hawk swooped down to try and grab some ducklings, but the mother duck jumped into action and began drowning the hawk to save her young.

My gut reaction is to always let nature play out. Some animals die and some live and it’s part of the natural cycle that consistently happens all around us, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Well, one of the guys, Travis, was team hawk right from the jump and he wound up running over to the birds, wading in the water, and saving the hawk from the ducks, which I’m generally very against.

But then I began noticing some things and reading the comments of others and it changed my perspective on what our guy Travis did.

These weren’t mallards or other ducks native to the US. They were Muscovy ducks, which are an invasive species. The hawk looks to be a Cooper’s Hawk, which is native to the US and is a federally protected raptor.

That’s not to say that humans should always get involved in natural processes, and I’m not saying that the native vs invasive argument was running through Travis’ head when he decided to get in the middle of it, but it does add a layer to the video that wasn’t immediately clear at first watch.

And the commentary on the entire thing is absolutely incredible, as the friend keeps telling Travis to just let nature do its thing. But Travis just simply refused to listen.

“I’m not getting him pants because he just disrupted nature.”

What are friends for?

What do you think? Was Travis right to intervene in the hawk’s death?


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