Kid Rock Under Fire For Saying That Israel Should Start Bombing Palestinian Civilians “Forty Thousand At A Time”

Kid Rock
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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: People are upset at something Kid Rock said.

The rapper/rocker/country singer/bar owner and all-around controversial guy has ruffled plenty of feathers over the years, from his rants on Taylor Swift and Joy Behar to his viral response to Bud Light’s decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Kid Rock (whose real name is Bob Ritchie) has never been afraid to speak his mind, and doesn’t really care if it lands him in hot water. In fact, he once told Tucker Carlson that no matter how hard people try, there’s no way to cancel him:

“I am uncancelable… because I don’t give a f*ck.”

I’m not in bed with any big corporate things at the end of the day, there’s nobody that beholden to, no record companies, no corporate interests, no nothing, you can’t cancel me.

I love it when they try.”

Well he’s probably loving this one then.

Kid Rock has once again found himself the target of outrage over comments he made during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Podcast about the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

The singer argued that Israel should begin targeting Palestinian civilians in order to free hostages being held by Hamas:

“The only wars we won were f*cking ones we were the most brutal motherf*ckers on the planet.

I don’t disagree with what Israel’s doing. They should just go in there and be like, ‘You know what, we want our hostages back. If we don’t have ’em back, clock starts now. In f*cking 24 hours, we’re gonna start bombing motherf*ckers and killing f*cking civilians 30, 40,000 at a f*cking time. So you civilians better f*cking pack up, and f*cking get these f*cking motherf*ckers. You go against Hamas. You f*cking go against them. We’re not playing f*cking games against them.'”

Rock then compared the situation to the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II:

“That’s what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Boom, just wiped out. They’re like, ‘Oh, yes, we don’t have Supreme Leader anymore. We did not know you had such big bomb.'”

Rogan pushed back and pointed out that times have changed, and now more countries have nuclear capabilities and the firepower to strike back with the same force.

But Kid Rock wasn’t budging:

“F*ck around and find out.”

Rogan tried to point out that the strategy Kid Rock is advocating for would lead to all-out nuclear warfare and mutually assured destruction that would wipe out most of the world.

And he also pushed back on Rock’s suggestion that Israel should target innocent civilians:

“You’re not supposed to pick civilian targets. That’s actually a war crime…

If you’re a person who’s born in Palestine, you’re f*cked. You’re under their control. It’s not your fault. Those aren’t our enemy.”

Rock countered back:

“You can’t fight war like that. They’re hiding in civilian targets.”

Of course Kid Rock’s comments have drawn strong criticism online:

But as Kid Rock has said before, he’s probably not too worried about what others think or being canceled.

If you want to check out the conversation between Joe Rogan and Kid Rock, it starts around 2 hours and 55 minutes into the episode.

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