Sprinting Mountain Lion Keeps Pace With Car On Montana Highway

Mountain lion sprinting

Few animals grip our imagination like the mountain lion.

Reclusive, territorial, curious, vicious, powerful, and stealthy are just a few words that describe North America’s largest feline. With breeding populations are found in 16 states, all out west except for the Florida Panther, these cats are ferocious predators, eating the equivalent of a deer sized animal every 6 to 12 days. With an estimated US population of 20,000 to 40,000, that means they’re eating the equivalent of between 608,000 to 2.4 million deer sized animals per year, which is pretty astounding.

Most people go their whole lives without seeing one and even seasoned outdoorsmen in lion territory may only spot one or two, but this hunter just so happened to see one in a very unlikely place the other day.

While driving down a highway in Montana, a hunter spotted a mountain lion sprinting on the side of the road and to say it’s an impressive sight undersells the moment dramatically. Lions can reach a top speed of nearly 45 miles per hour and this cat seemed to be right at that limit, its muscles rippling under its fur as it more than kept pace with the flow of traffic.

Take a look for yourself.

“This lion crossed over from the left side of the highway and jumped over the center divider crossing right in front of us onto our side. I was lucky enough to get a quick video! What a cool morning!”

Can you imagine that thing locked in on you? Talk about not having a prayer…

Wild cats really do throw me for a loop. Every time we see one of these guys in action it brings a new respect for them. Stay safe out there everyone…

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