Flying Fish Slaps Weatherman Right In Face While Reporting On Gnarly Norway Storm

flying fish
David Jørgenvåg

Never say “well this couldn’t get worse,” because life is always happy to let you know that it definitely can.

A weatherman in Norway was out in the field covering the country’s worst storm in the past 30 years. He was standing right next to the crashing waves of the ocean reporting on the strength of the storm, braving the elements to keep Norwegians informed.

Quick side note, I’ll never understand why weather-people and meteorologists feel like they have to be out in the weather to report on it. There’s no telling how many times I’ve turned the TV on and seen Jim Cantore standing right out in the middle of a terrible storm and telling people not to go out in it.

We believe you that the weather is bad, you know? You all don’t have to stand out in the middle of it to show us how bad things are. Feel free to stay in the studio and then cut away to some live footage of the weather outside, and that will suffice.

But getting back to this story, this Norway weatherman was getting pelted with sideways rain and strong winds, fighting to stay on his feet during the live spot. How could it possibly get worse than that, right?

I’ll tell you exactly how it gets worse. As a wave crashed into the area where the weatherman was standing, it somehow sent a fish flying through the air, and it was truly a “in the wrong spot at the wrong time” moment.

The fish soaring through the air smacked the guy right in the side of the face. You couldn’t have swung a fish by the tail and hit the Norwegian weatherman more square on the noggin.

It was an unbelievable sequence of events, and one that the guy and the camera crew handled by laughing it off. What else can you really do when Mother Nature seemingly sends a fish flying right towards your face?

You can check out the wild and hilarious video below:

So I guess the forecast in Norway is calling for heavy rain, gale force winds, and flying fish? Hopefully the weatherman modified his forecast to warn others from experiencing the same fish-slap-induced pain that he went through…

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