“You Have No Idea How Hard It Was To Find Gold Toilets” – Kid Rock Discusses His Luxurious Nashville Mansion & Golden Bathroom

Kid Rock Bathroom
Fox News/The Joe Rogan Experience

When Kid Rock and Joe Rogan get together on The Joe Rogan Experience for over three hours, you know that some wild topics are bound to come up.

The two friends sat down for a long back-and-forth conversation, talking about everything from the Bud Light Boycott to punching someone at the Bohemian Grove. It was truly a wild podcast episode, and there was even enough time to talk about Kid Rock’s sprawling 27,000 square foot Nashville mansion.

Rogan has visited Kid Rock’s Tennessee home many times, and talks about how “rockstar hillbilly” it is. He brought it up in the interview, saying:

“You’ve got a beautiful set up. The way you are living your life is amazing…

I’ve talked on this podcast many times about you giving me the tour of your house.”

Kid Rock was appreciative of the compliments on his dream home in Nashville, but he did want to set the record straight on something that Rogan got wrong in the past while talking about a feature of his estate:

“It wasn’t even done, and by the way, you got that wrong. You said ‘He’s got a golden shower.’ I’m like ‘A golden shower?’ That’s like pissing on somebody. It’s a gold bathroom.”

Show some respect Joe Rogan. It’s not just a gold shower, it’s an entire golden bathroom. The tile is gold, the walls are gold, the toilet is gold, and even the urinal is gold.

Kid Rock went on to explain how difficult the process of committing to an entirely golden bathroom can be:

“You have no idea how hard it was to find gold toilets. Not joking. Now, you can go on Google and pop them up.

I had to get the seat gold plated because I found a gold toilet, (but) I couldn’t find a seat and a lid. A f**king guy had to cheaply gold plate it.”

Such a Kid Rock problem to have…

And if you’re interested in seeing what Kid Rock’s gold (plated) toilet looks like, you’re in luck:

Rogan and the “All Summer Long” singer had a couple of laughs talking through some of the house’s other qualities, and the podcast host stated that one of his favorite parts about the mansion is that it’s massive, yet it only boasts two bedrooms:

“Your house is incredible. I describe it to everybody. There’s two bedrooms. The house is gigantic, it’s bigger than the actual White House, (and) it’s got two bedrooms…

Your house is exactly (what a house would look like) if an 18-year-old kid won the lottery.”

Rogan was quickly fact-checked by none other than Kid Rock himself, who said that his home was not bigger than the one the President lives in. Somewhat surprisingly, Kid Rock was incredibly and inexplicably knowledgeable on the White House, its square footage, and its layout.

And as the conversation revolving around Kid Rock’s home wrapped up, the rocking country artist put an exclamation point on the entire topic with this:

“If I had this f**king house 15 years ago, I’d be dead. I’d be f**king dead. No question.”

You can hear more about Kid Rock’s massive home in the video below:

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