“I Just Went At Him” — Kid Rock Says He Punched Someone During A Trip To Bohemian Grove

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Only Kid Rock.

Today, he’s the guest on Joe Rogan the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and it’s a fascinating three-and-a-half hour conversation that I’m still working my way through.

But one story that immediately jumped out was Kid Rock’s tale about visiting Bohemian Grove, an exclusive men’s club in Monte Rio, California, that has hosted everyone from former Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, to Clint Eastwood and even Mark Twain.

The nature of what goes on there is very secretive, and plenty of people had try to infiltrate it in the past as it’s members only (and their guests) in terms of who can visit. Naturally, many people have long-been curious about it due to how private it is and the rumors about crazy rituals that go on there.

Rogan discussed going down rabbit holes researching things like 9/11, and Bohemian Grove, when Kid Rock told him he’s been there before:

“I went once… it ain’t that cool.”

He recalls sitting out by the fire and how they were surrounded by different campsites that had treehouses, which is more like “glamping” by what he describes seeing as they all had a really nice setup and private chef.

Possibly the funniest part of the story is that he shared one with the Jimmy John’s founder, Jimmy John Liautaud. What a pairing… anywho, as they were all sitting around the fire one evening, Kid Rock recalls that some random person started sh*t talking, and he wasn’t gonna have it:

“I can’t remember, the kid’s talking around this fire and starts popping that sh*t and I just f*ckin’ went at him. Gave him a couple, helped him up, like ‘Hey, we good?’ We weren’t on great terms, but I think we had an understanding.

It was one of those things, you know, and I couldn’t go to the concert that night… I had to sit home like I was in f*ckin’ timeout and I was like f*ck this place.”

Rogan goes onto to say Kid Rock basically shouldn’t have been at fault because the kid he hit wasn’t vetted properly, and shouldn’t have been there in the first place:

“There’s gonna be a certain percentage of people that are just out of their f*ckin minds.”

Amen to that…

Kid Rock also admitted, though:

“For all I remember it could’ve been drink sh*t. It wasn’t the end of the world… it was a little tussle, a little hit the ground, maybe a punch here and there and then it was done.”

He went onto describe some of the talks he witnessed while there, which wasn’t anything like what he expected, thinking he was gonna hear some crazy stuff about aliens and thinks of that nature:

“I’m there one day one, we’re drinking beers, it’s pretty laid back. There’s some cool talks. I remember this dude talking about shooting asteroids out that might hit the earth in so many years, sh*t like that. I’m like, this is cool.

But the first day, it was the first evening, you gather around, whatever the owl by the lake, if I remember correctly, which could be a little hazy… it was a long time ago. I’ve heard about this place, I’m like, this is some real secret ass sh*t. I can’t believe I’m f*ckin here, right.

It’s just a trove of celebrities f*ckin everywhere you turn, it’s just f*cking celebrities. So you go there, I’m thinking we’re gonna hear some sh*t, right, they’re about to introduce the first speaker…

And no offense against this guy, we have very good mutual friends, but they’re like, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, tony Danza.’ And I’m like, ‘What? Come on, man.’ I was like, I came all the way for this secret ass sh*t for, and I love Tony, but come on, man. I was like, they brought Reagan back from the dead,  and he’s going to speak or hologram or some sh*t.”

Expecting something much more sinister, he admitted that Tony Danza was a good speaker, and he also met Paul Pelosi (husband of Nancy Pelosi) and Chris Matthews, which had to have been fascinating to witness. To have been a fly on the wall for those conversations…

Kid Rock also told Rogan that it was an unspoken rule that he entertain everyone by the fire, which he obliged to stay in their good graces:

“It was kind of like an unspoken requirement, like, wink, wink. You need to take your guitar over there if you want to be in good graces or be a team player type deal.”

Kind of disappointing that it doesn’t sound like it was all it’s cracked up to be and he didn’t have any wild information to share with the world about the elusive Bohemian Grove club.

Unless of course there’s much he can’t (or won’t) reveal… you can watch the full clip below.

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