Crocodile Sends It Down Rock Slip ‘N Slide

Croc slip and slide on rocks
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Crocodiles just want to have fun.

It’s unfortunate that the video doesn’t show an alligator enjoying a slip and slide. Saying “Gators just want to have fun” works better as a play on Cyndi Lauper’ classic 1980s hit. But I digress…

This video was filmed in Morocco, specifically at the CrocoParc Agadir. The popular attraction certainly lives up to its name, considering it appears to allow for crocodiles to play and have fun within their habitat. CrocoParc is a zoological park that houses over 300 crocodiles, and gives those crocs the opportunity to “let loose” thanks to the built-in slip and slide within the exhibit.

This just goes to show that humans and crocodiles aren’t all that different. On a hot day, we both enjoy nothing more than to take a dip in the water, and sometimes the slide is the transportation mode of choice to get into the H20 to cool off. So just think of the reptile in this footage as a frequent water park visitor. It certainly looks like it would enjoy a trip to a water park, but since it can’t leave its facility, this slip and slide does the trick.

When the video begins, we see the croc slowly paddling its way towards the running water. There’s no doubt in my mind that this reptile knows what it’s doing, and likely rides down this slide all day and all night. Once it drifts close to the edge, the crocodile literally puts its arms up (customary for someone riding a fun ride) and lets the water sweep it away and down the slippery rock flume.

The crocodile picks up some speed flying down the slide, and catches some gnarly air (at least two inches) on some of the drop offs that the rock waterfall features. After a fun ride, the croc splashes down into the pond below, and though the footage cuts off there, there’s no doubt in my mind that it quickly climbed back up the rock incline to do it all again.

Check it out:

P.S. – I’m not sure why the child in the video is crying watching the crocodile enjoy itself…

Sure, the pre-historic reptiles are a little creepy looking, but what better way for a kid to experience seeing one than by watching it enjoy a slip and slide? That’s about as cartoonish as real life gets…

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