Chili’s Lures Customers To Day Drink Amid AT&T Outage With Free Wifi And $5 Tequila Trifectas

Jeffrey Greenberg via Getty Images

Take your girl someplace nice for National Margarita Day.

This Thursday is off to an interesting start as many AT&T users are stuck at home amid the cellular outages across the United States (myself being one of them). And this outage happened to fall on National Margarita Day, which is a blessing and a curse.

Chili’s announced last night that in honor of the holiday, they are doing all-day $5 Tequila Trifecta’s, and are now encouraging fans of the restaurant to get their Wi-Fi and tequila fix by coming to day drink.

While so many Twitter (X) users were thrilled over the news of this National Margarita Day deal, the chain restaurant is now luring AT&T users to start the tequila celebration earlier, noting that they have free Wi-Fi.

Brilliant marketing tactic.

It seemed as though their efforts might be successful as the commentary quickly filled up and engines started to head to their local Chili’s for Wi-Fi and margaritas.

I hope that a $5 margarita shortage does not occur from this. Some of us have to report on the hard-hitting topics in country music and more so, can’t indulge till later.

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