Jaguar Dive Bombs Onto Caiman & Takes The Fight Into Murky Water

jaguar caiman

The “King of the Jungle” argument just got more interesting.

Imagine being out in nature and seeing something play out right in front of you that’s right out of a Planet Earth documentary. That’s exactly what happened with this tourist, who was in the right place at the right time to get this wild animal attack on video.

Funny enough, the caiman that was in the water was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got attacked while still in shallow water by a jaguar flying through the air. The attack can be described by any of these ways:

-The jaguar dive-bombed the caiman

-The jaguar gave the caiman the ol’ one-two from the top rope

-The jaguar parachuted down for a surprise skirmish

-The jaguar was dropped from the heavens for an aerial assault

Whichever one of those is your personal favorite description, let’s just go with that. Once the jaguar landed on the caiman (after the reptile had apparently managed to avoid it for a while), it was over really before it even got started.

You would think that the caiman would have the upper hand in the water, but that simply wasn’t the case. The jaguar tackled it down into the water, dragged it underneath for a few moments, and then eventually emerged from the murky body of water with the caiman in tow.

It was an impressive feat of strength by the jaguar, especially since it didn’t have “home field advantage.” Check it out:

How about that?

Probably one of the coolest outdoors videos you’ll ever see. And social media agreed in the comments below the post:

“Incredible combination of agility, dexterity and strength.”

“A damn cat that jumps on crocs.”

“Jaguar stands supreme. The real King of the Jungle.”

“Crocodile steak for breakfast.”

“Can’t imagine a more terrifying existence where flying jungle cats could rain down on you while your under water of all places, without warning, at any moment.”

Yeah, that last comment pretty much sums it all up.

And you might have noticed that the jaguar was wearing a collar. That’s because it has actually been tracked for quite some time, dating back to an injury it sustained back in 2020.

Burns to its paws required medical attention and rehabilitation. Once the jaguar (named Ousado) was healthy enough to return to the wild, it was equipped with the collar to monitor its health, safety, and whereabouts.

Looks to me like it’s doing just fine now…

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