Fisherman Straps A GoPro Camera To A Big Carp, Captures Life Underwater

carp with a GoPro
Monster Mike Fishing

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Technology is getting out of hand…

People need to use it for everything. A person can’t even go for a fish without bring technology into the matter. Of course, there is a heavily debated forward facing sonar issue in the tournament bass fishing world, but we’ve drone fishing and now a GoPro to a fish… where does it end?

As much as I think needing to always use technology when outdoors is getting a little crazy, this did yield some interesting footage. I’d like to know how many pops the boys had when they came up with this one.

The fisherman gets out on a bridge and straps up his rod with bread as bait. Yes, a whole slice of Wonder Bread… this jokester casts out the bread and hooks into a big ol’ carp as he makes sure not to fall into the traffic behind him He gets his nice catch to shore.

“We needed a big fish to strap a GoPro on and we got him first cast. Personally, I can’t wait until the GoPro is on the fish so it can show us other big fish we can catch”.

Those are high hopes for this but an interesting take on a fish finder. Let’s see how it works out…

The pair strap the GoPro fully around the fish with it sitting on top of its back. They aren’t completely foolish as they attach fishing line to the GoPro for retrieval. I just hope the line doesn’t get caught up and break. They release the fish with the camera rolling and it swims around a bit getting some good footage before they decided to reel it in. By the time the GoPro gets to shore the fish is long gone and probably hiding somewhere after that strange event.

Either way, it worked far better than I expected.

Guy Straps GoPro On Turtle, Captures Video Of Pond Life

The Fish Whisperer is BACK.

If you remember back to 2019, a YouTuber named “The Fish Whisperer” strapped his GoPro on a turtle to get some incredible footage of life inside of his local pond. I mean, we’re talking Discovery Channel kind of stuff here, and people loved it.

As of right now, the video has over 17 MILLION views. And he did it again, this time strapping the camera to ol’ Tank here.

Tank dives into the pond, swims around for a while, bumps into a few fish and rocks, and perhaps the funniest part is when the man throws some food in the water for the turtle. Tank sees it, swims to the surface, and gets into a little tussle with another turtle for the food because mama ain’t raised no punk.

All we need now is David Attenborough to narrate this thing…. somebody call Netflix.

Here’s the original video for the first dive.

Kayaker Is Rammed By Alligator, Falls Out Of Kayak

Oh, hell no…

Look, I don’t spend much time out kayaking through the coastal rivers of North Carolina, but after this, I don’t really plan to. Experienced kayaker Peter Joyce was out paddling down the Waccamaw River recently when out of nowhere, his kayak was charged by a hungry gator.

The gator hit so hard that it knocked the kayak over, except Joyce was able to grab hold of a branch to keep it from completely tipping upside down.

He shared his experience with WECT:

“I thought I heard a fish jump to my left, turned out not to be a fish. About three feet from the kayak I made out the head of the gator and that was it, I had no time to react.

My mind was playing catch-up at that point. Basically, when I made out the head of the gator towards the front end of the kayak it was kind of just a state of shock. As soon as it hit the kayak and I went what just happened? If it hit and there was nothing to grab on the right side of me, I would have inverted… It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Just the eerie calm of the river prior to the attack was enough to give me the willies. And props to Joyce for having the stone to paddle his way into the gator’s kitchen. As for me, I’m gonna stay over here on dry land…

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