J.R. Carroll Says Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” Is Like The “Applebees Song” But By A More Respected & Loved Artist

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The Applebees song just keeps catching strays…

Walker Hayes can’t catch a break. If you are new here, “Fancy Like” is a song that many love to hate…including us at Whiskey Riff. While it might be a shoe that fits some, for many it’s an annoying reminder of the commercialization of pop country.

Zach Bryan even got into some beef with Walker Hayes after he commented that people like Tyler Childers deserve more airtime over “Fancy Like.”

While the comment was 100% directed at country radio over Walker himself, he responded, “Jesus didn’t die for me so I could fight with Zach Bryan.” While the beef was handled with class, it was still beyond unexpected and mildly humorous.

It looks like Hayes might have some more beef to respond to as J.R. Carroll, who is a hell of an artist himself along with being a member of Zach Bryan’s band, took to Twitter comparing the sound of Beyoncé’s controversial “Texas Hold ‘Em” to “Fancy Like.”

“‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ is essentially the Applebees Song but by someone who is universally loved and respected.”

Slight dig towards Hayes with the respected comment. Carroll was quick to elaborate on the thoughts.

“And also both songs are enjoyable if you stop trying to make everything fit in a box, and also if u realize not everything is for you and that’s OKAY!

Real instruments played by real people tend to make songs better but it doesn’t make them country.”

Since Beyoncé’s track has been getting a lot of hate on social media and driving fans crazy as it charts iTunes and is serviced to country radio, I think that Carroll’s perspective is spot on. Some folks love “Fancy Like,” and some folks are going to hate it. The same goes for “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

While I personally do not think that “Texas Hold ‘Em” falls into the category of country music, I will say it has put a lot more eyes on the genre. Maybe there is a weird fast track to discovering some true country artists like J.R. Carroll.

It’s time to keep some eyes on Walker’s social media to see if he responds to the comment. It could be looking at a classy beef situation, part 2.

If you’re a reader of this article because you are a fan of “Texas Hold ‘Em,” stay a little longer and fire up some J.R. Carroll.

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