Chicago Cubs Social Media Team Strikes Out With “Hashtag Mishap” That Looks Like An Explicit Word

Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs

Someone’s getting… well… at least getting a stern talking to.

In the modern age, companies and sports organizations really have no choice but to be on social media. Not only that, you have to make sure you are constantly posting and interacting, and consistently putting out content.

After a brief couple of months, the social media accounts for MLB teams are waking back up. With football over, many sports fans are now looking towards the opening day of America’s past time: Baseball.

The Chicago Cubs were doing their part to get their fanbase fired up for the return of major league baseball, and posted a hype video earlier today. The Cubbies are rolling with a new slogan this year, playing off their icon Cubs logo with the phrase:

“You Have To C It.”

Very clever, and I’m sure it will sell a lot of t-shirts. However, they quickly found out that when you spell that out (specifically in a hashtag), the back end of that phrase looks a little risqué.

Take a look and see if you can figure out what went wrong:

As you can see, the social media account quickly edited and re-posted their message, spelling out the “see” in “you have to see it.” When you don’t do that and just leave it as the letter “C,” it’s dangerously close to a word that would be deemed as inappropriate.

As many baseball fans let the Chicago Cubs know:

Screenshots, just like the internet itself, is eternal. The Cubs will likely never live this one down.

Though I have to say, the video they posted was very well done (and I’m not a Cubs fan). If only they would have used the same attention to detail with their hashtags:

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