Charles Wesley Godwin Brings His Appalachian Flair To Cover Of Bruce Springsteen’s “Youngstown”

Courtesy of Apple Music

A Springsteen classic.

Charles Wesley Godwin tipped his cap to The Boss with a haunting rendition of “Youngstown” for his Apple Music Sessions feature, that really sounds like something straight out of CWG’s own catalog.

Written by Springsteen, the song was included on his 1995 album The Ghost of Tom Joad and tells the sad story of the rise and fall of Youngstown, Ohio thanks to the discovery of iron ore nearby in 1803, all the way through the decline of the steel industry in the area in the 1970’s.

In terms of the production, it’s similar to the original in that it’s still a haunting, sad song about the devastation of a community no longer prospering, though CWG definitely brings his own Appalachian flair with the added banjo and much more country flavor in general.

It’s no secret that he has an incredibly unique and special voice, and his ability to make this song completely his own is nothing short of impressive. Honestly, I think it would be a great one to add to his set list because it really is the perfect song for him.

Unfortunately, it’s currently only available as an exclusive for Apple Music, so if you have Apple you can hear the whole thing there, but if not, you can listen to a snippet of it below.

He also reimagined his songs “Family ties” and “Cue Country Roads,” from his most recent 2023 album, and slowed them down quite a bit and I’d highly recommend checking those out, too.

“Family Ties”

“Cue Country Roads”


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