Mountain Goats Make Jump Across Rocky Gap Look Easy

Mountain goat leap

Would you be comfortable trying to make a jump like this?

For the various species of mountain goats, propelling themselves over gaps like these is part of their normal, everyday life. These animals are called ibex, and basically are built to handle rough terrain, and surprisingly can bound as far as 12 feet at time.

Ibex are typically found in rugged, mountainous terrain. Different species inhabit different regions, such as the Alps, the Himalayas, the Caucasus, and the Rocky Mountains.

The gap that these mountainous goats come across is a piece of cake. The only factor that makes things interesting is that the last two goats that tried to make the jump are on the younger side.

For viewers, that might cause some concern. But for the two bigger mountain goats that went before them, they didn’t seem to think twice about it. They just kept on going and had confidence that the smaller goats would be right behind them.

The first younger goat that made the jump looked rather concerned about the distance, and barely covered the gap. Fortunately, its hooves dug into the rocky terrain, and it was able to hold its footing and keep moving forward.

As for the second younger goat, it went “full send,” as the kids say nowadays. There was no hesitation on its part, and it easily cleared the gap.

Check it out:

If you had to take a lesson away from this clip, it’s that the more confident you are, the better off you’ll be.

Every goat that made the jump and didn’t put too much thought into it reached the other side with ease. The only animal that cut it close was the one that looked down and really analyzed the jump.

Social media certainly took something away from the outdoors clip, though it was mainly just being mesmerized by the showcase of athleticism by the mountain goats:

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