Two New Yorkers Stuck In Standstill Traffic Get Out Of Their Cars & Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other

road rage fight
Michelle McNair

Road rage can be a dangerous thing.

It can also sometimes be a hilarious thing, at least for those that get to witness it. There were plenty of New Yorkers stuck in standstill traffic that got to witness this road-rage-induced fist fight in the middle of a busy highway.

As to why these two men got out of their vehicles and decided to wail on each other, the world may never know. One could assume that something traffic related happened (one driver cut the other off), and when their cars came to a stop, they both thought it was the perfect opportunity to settle things.

And that they did, as the two men enthralled with anger squared up as they waited at a traffic light. The brawl was somehow simultaneously exciting and uneventful. There were some punches that landed, but the biggest moment of the roadside battle was when the shorter man lunged low at his competitor and pushed him into the concrete barricade.

After they got the furious rage out of their systems, it appears that they both returned to their cars and went on with their day. As of right now, no calls were made to the local police to report the altercation.

No police or further guidance needed. This was just a case of a couple of dudes handling things with their fists:

That caption is spot on. Those likely were two dads that fought one another, and as long as their families don’t see this viral video, I’m guessing they aren’t going to mention it.

I’m not commending their actions by any means, though it was nice to see them settle things and then get on with their lives. Life is too busy to file a police report, but life is also too short to not throw hands with another man at a stoplight.

Oh, and the comments underneath the Facebook post certainly did not disappoint:

“They could have stayed in the car for all that.”

“Not even mad at this. Looks like a good ol’ street fight. They prolly both got in the car and bounced.”

“Old pops got a nice right hook.”

“One of them, or both will call out of work and claim worker’s comp tomorrow for a shoulder injury.”

“This look like some sh*t outta GTA.”

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