Dolly Parton Previously Said She Wants Beyoncé To Cover “Jolene,” And Fans Think They Might Have A Collab Coming

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Talk about two musical powerhouses.

Of course, I think we’ve all heard that Beyoncé is planning to “go country” in some form or fashion, and she currently has five songs (four of which are different versions of the same song), in the Top 5 on the iTunes Country Songs chart.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” are the first singles released from her forthcoming 8th career studio album, Renaissance: Act II, which is slated for release on March 29th.

It remains to be seen what exactly all of that means in terms of the actual music, but there’s one country icon in particular that’s wanted Bey in the country scene for a while now, and that would be the one and only Dolly Parton.

And in an interview back in 2022 on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the host asked Dolly about her love for Beyoncé, to which Dolly responded she thought the R&B superstar could pull off a Whitney Houston-like cover of “Jolene,” similar to “I Will Always Love You”:

“I think she’s fantastic and beautiful, and I love her music. I would just love to hear ‘Jolene’ done in just a big way, kind of like how Whitney (Houston) did my ‘I Will Always Love You.’

Just someone that can take my little songs and make them like powerhouses. That would be a marvelous day in my life if she ever does do ‘Jolene.’”

The queen has spoken, and some fans are starting to think that not only is Queen Bey going to cover it, but there’s rumors Dolly will be part of the collab, as well as Miley Cyrus, according to a source:

Miley previously did a really incredible rendition of her godmother’s iconic song, and it would no doubt be quite a big event with three of the biggest names in music doing a song like that together.

The Bey hive is in overdrive speculating about it, which was fueled further when Beyoncé rocked a Dolly-inspired look at the Super Bowl this past Sunday:

I honestly don’t think it’s that far-fetched of an idea, and regardless of what you think of her venture into country, Beyoncé has always been an absolutely incredible vocalist, and I tend to agree with Dolly in that Bey really could do an amazing job with “Jolene.”

Here’s what some of the fans had to say about it:

Stay tuned…

“Texas Hold ‘Em”

“16 Carriages”

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