Want To Watch A Snake Eat A Rat Named After Your Ex? The San Antonio Zoo Is Offering Just That For Valentine’s Day

Donald Tong

If you’re heartbroken and lonely because your dumb ex left you right before Valentine’s Day, the San Antonio Zoo has an emotional outlet for you.

The zoo brought back their Cry Me A Cockroach fundraiser this year and it’s pretty wild. For a small donation, you can name a cockroach, rat, or leafy green after your no-so-special someone and watch it be fed to some zoo animals live on Facebook.

I mean, what a better way to get over that breakup than watching Chad the rat or Jenny the cockroach get gobbled up? Surely, it will only be very stable people partaking in this…

In all fairness, the money does go to support the zoo’s mission of creating habitats for their residents and a sustainable future for wildlife and I know of quite a few people who personally may be very interested in this, so hey, why not?

A quick read of the FAQs on their website also tell us that the rats aren’t alive when their fed, which I’m sure for some is a buzzkill, but for most others will make you feel a bit better about their decision.

So if you plan on spending the day alone because that jerk dumped you and you want a bit of revenge, hit up the San Antonio Zoo.

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