Man Who Tackled One Of The Super Bowl Parade Shooters Speaks: “I Didn’t Think… I Didn’t Hesitate”

Good Samartian

As reports of “shots fired” at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade surfaced on social media, a day that was supposed to be meant for celebration, quickly turned into tragedy.

As of right now, it being reported that one woman has died, and at least 22 people were injured in the violent shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade. Kansas City radio station KKFI has identified one of its DJs, Lisa Lopez, as the deceased victim of the shooting.

Police do not believe the incident was an act of domestic terrorism at this time, and perhaps more likely gang and/or criminal activity, however three armed individuals were detained shortly after the shooting.

One of them was caught thanks to the brave acts of parade attendees who heroically jumped into action. Based on this video below, a person that was fleeing from police was tackled by a couple of courageous Chiefs fans that saw the man running in the area.

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You can also see a woman pick up the rifle he dropped when he was tackled by the Good Samaritans. Check it out:

A man named Paul Contreras tackled the suspected shooters seen in the video. The hero told his side of the story to KETV:

“The whole time he’s fighting to get up and run away. We’re fighting each other, you know. We’re fighting to keep him down and he’s fighting to get up.”

He continued:

“You can’t be scared, you know. Not saying you want it to happen, but there’s always that chance. It could happen at work, the grocery store. This just happened to be the Super Bowl Parade.”

Thanks to the courage and quick thinking of Mr. Contreras and others, police were able to quickly detain one of the shooting suspects.

The Kansas City Chiefs released the following statement:

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs Players Send Out Prayers

Shortly after the parade concluded, shots rang out near Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. The parade route ended at the Union Station location, and the stage for the finale of the celebration was set up just outside of the building.

Early reports have stated that 10 to 15 people were injured in the shooting, and it has now been confirmed that one person has died. The Kansas City Fire Department stated early on that two armed individuals were detained near the scene of the crime.

Based upon on videos that were captured during the chaos, it is believed that brave parade goers helped capture at least one of the shooting suspects. Kansas City Police officers and authorities, along with those heroic citizens, are being applauded for their response to the tragic shooting.

Kansas City Chiefs players and coaches were still in the area when the shooting took place. Their safety has been confirmed by posts online, as many of them were on buses heading back to Arrowhead Stadium following the conclusion of the parade.

Patrick Mahomes sent this message out on social media in response to the heartbreaking violent acts that took place in Kansas City:

Other Kansas City Chiefs players followed along with their quarterback and leader, and sent out hopeful messages of their own after hearing the sad news of the shooting and the fans in attendance that were injured:


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