Black Bear Unfazed Being Stung By Thousands Of Yellowjackets While Digging Up Nest

Black bear stung
Wilson Forest Lands

Gonna be an uncomfortable couple of days…

Black bears have a pretty diverse diet. It mainly consists of berries, fruits, and insects, but they aren’t afraid to catch some fish and small game when the opportunity presents itself. There’s also anther food source that bears like which you may recall from Winnie The Pooh… honey.

Also, not just honey, but the bees that make it and their larva.

Well, a YouTube channel called Wilson Forest Lands captured video of a black bear digging up a yellowjacket hive to get at the larva inside. The bear was successful at finding a few nests and getting a snack, but I’d have to imagine the pain that came with the little bit of food made the whole experience not very worth it.

As soon as the bear gets to the nest, you can see the wasps start attacking. Within a few seconds there’s thousands swarming it and as soon as the bear’s done chowing down it dives into a pile of leaves and starts rolling around to dislodge the stingers.

But the bear wasn’t done yet as just a few minutes later it sniffs out another hive and repeats the entire painful process. Glad we’ve got supermarkets, cause man it would suck to have to go through this for just a couple of wasp larva…

Black Bear Fighting Off Bees In Pursuit Of Honey Goes Exactly How You’d Imagine It

Winnie the Pooh, is that you? This is hilarious, a story as old as time itself… the bear who loves some honey.

It is truly candy for these food craving animals. Imagine, you wonder the woods day in and day out and then come across a bounty of sweet sweet honey. It would be heaven to a bear. Black bears pretty much only think about food. It’s what makes up most of their waking lives. They wander, sometimes for miles, in search of anything that’s edible. whether it be from a rotting log laying in the woods, to a singular crumb in your garbage… they will eat it all.

Honey however, is nature’s candy. But, it comes at a price for animal that can’t put on a sophisticated bee keeping suit. I have to say, I always wondered how this would go down. Honestly, I just kind of assumed the bears were relatively unaffected by a bee sting, but boy, was I wrong.

This bear is seen coming across the literal honey hole in the form of a backyard bee hive. Quickly, it realizes the treat that is in store for itself if he can just get inside…

At his first glance, he gets stung and jumps back but goes in for more. He thrashes around in pain from the sting as he digs to get into the sweet honey. The bear is clearly uncomfortable as it digs and digs and the bees swarm him by what looks to be the thousands. But, he powers through and continues to dig for the honey in the hive.

I just hope the ol’ boy actually got some of that honey so the stings were worth it.

No pain, no gain… right?

Bear Cub Goes On Insane Trip After Accidentally Eating Hallucinogenic Honey

I’ll admit, I have never done any hallucinogenic drugs, and after my buddy told me at a party while he was tripping on something that he was seeing the Kool-Aid Man coming through the wall right at him, I’m not sure if I ever want to.

The Kool-Aid Man? Absolutely mortifying…

Needless to say, this bear cub from Turkey had no idea what it was getting into when it discovered some unusual honey. Video footage has gone viral of a brown bear cub tripping absolute balls after it got into a substance known as “mad honey,” which has hallucinogenic properties.

In the video, you can see the bear sitting in the back of a pickup truck, trying to figure out how in the hell he made it to Mars. According to Newsweek, a Turkish media outlet was the first to share a clip of the psyched out bear.

The outlet also noted that Turkish forestry officials had to pick up the bear and place it in the back of a pickup truck, which is where the clip comes from. The bear appears to be incredibly paranoid, and under complete distress, and is probably trying to figure out why his whole body is tingling. Mad honey contains neurotoxins called grayanotoxins that can lead to intoxication and/or poisoning, and has a bitter taste and can irritate the throat.

The grayanotoxins are typically found in rhododendron plants, which bees tend to go to in Turkey, and extract nectar and pollen from the plants. That means the honey these bees produce contain the neurotoxins.

Boy, little did this bear know that it was gonna be on the trip of its lifetime after a normal day of finding food. Ultimately he ended up getting treatment and will be released back into the wild.

Seeing them turtles all the way down right about now…

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