Leonardo DiCaprio Accused Of Going Full “Wolf Of Wall Street” In Super Bowl Suite

Leonardo dicaprio

11 years later, he’s still committed to the role.

The Super Bowl content is still flowing across social media since the electric ending to the game ended in an insane pass in overtime, leading the Chiefs to victory. The star-studded game led to quite a few celebrity cameos. Now that the dust has settled a little from the win, fans are starting to dissect some celebrity moments from the game.

It seemed as though the Ice Spice and Jason Kelce moment would be the talk of the game, spawning hundreds of memes.

It seems as though another celebrity moment is starting to overshadow this moment…and it’s not nearly as wholesome as this moment. During the game, Leonardo DiCaprio was shown sitting at the edge of his suite, not engaging with the cheering crowd as the camera was on him.

But, now looking back at the footage, social media sleuths think DiCaprio might have been doing something else.

Of course, you can see him typing on his phone before he goes up to adjust his cap and then scratch his nose, so I would argue that nothing nefarious is going on here. But if this wasn’t bad enough, even the kid’s Spongebob broadcast was taking shots at Leo. The commentators were taking shots at how he prefers dating women- at the ripe age of 25.

“Leonardo DiCaprio… 25 ha ha ha….that’s about his dating history.” 

Hit hard on both broadcasts… brutal scene.

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