Ashley McBryde Narrating Her Backstage Moves Before Walking Out Is GOLD

Ashley McBryde country music
Ashley McBryde

Going out on stage is something that is not made for everyone.

No one has done a better job pulling back the curtains and discussing the good, bad, and ugly of being a touring musician and life on the road than Ashley McBryde. She is someone who is “Made For This,” and her commentary is not only well done but also gives fans and music lovers in general a peek into every aspect of being a touring musician.

While some other artists show what their side stage ritual looks like before stepping out in front of thousands of people to perform. I don’t believe I have seen an artist do a voice-over narrating what is running through their heads, but McBryde is not afraid to be the first.

She put a humous twist on what runs through her head before joining her band to perform.

Ashley McBryde opens the video of her bouncing back and forth as the crowd roars in the background.

“Alright, you gotta bounce; you’ve got to stay moving. That’s how you keep your energy up…keep your energy up. This is why we do cardio. This is WHY we do cardio.”

The band then kicks in, signaling the opening notes, before McBryde strides onto the stage to dazzle the crowd with her consistently bada** performances.

“Okay, the boys are killing it. All the notes are going to be there. Just trust yourself. Trust them. You’re about to have a great time.”

She busts a move and sings the opening part of of what sounds like “Down With The Sickness” (you know the intro I’m referring to) before she says her final thoughts.

“Stand up straight. Fix your hair; now, walk to the stage.” 

We all know what happens next…McBryde goes out on stage and puts on a heck of a show.

@ashleymcbrydemusic A pre-show bounce is always mandatory #livemusic #countrymusic #behindthescenes ♬ original sound – Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde is one of the best in the business, and I love how she is beyond transparent about the parts of being a musician that some don’t show. Keep on keepin’ on, Ashley McBryde.

Just for fun, see just how good McBryde is life by watching one of my favorite live videos.

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