49ers Fan Goes Viral Smashing TV With Whiskey Bottle After Chiefs Super Bowl Winning TD

Niners fan smashes TV

Tough loss for the 49ers…and the players aren’t the only ones taking this one personally.

Last night during the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs pulled out a last-minute overtime win, crushing the hearts of San Francisco 49ers fans. While most fans hung their heads and maybe shed a few tears as the Chief secured the win in a wild play, others were filled with pure rage.

This leads us to today’s episode of insane fan moments.

This Super Bowl watch party was abruptly halted when a 49ers fan ran up to the TV right after Mecole Hardman caught the winning pass for a Chiefs TD, making the red and yellow team victorious. Yelling at the TV is totally acceptable. Hitting a wall or fence is also acceptable (but ouch). Running up the TV to smash it with a handle of whiskey? Yeah… that’s a new one.

This watch party viewer was up and out of his chair before you could yell “TOUCHDOWN,” swinging on the TV with a half-drunk handle of brown liquor. The poor TV couldn’t even stand a chance. The bottle slammed into the screen quickly distorted the broadcast’s image.

The woman behind the camera then turns it on herself to say:

“Well, I am uploading that right now.”

I mean, just look at this guy. His face just SCREAMS “I drink Monster Energy drinks and hit women.” Also pretty telling that nobody else seems all that surprised about it. Not his first rodeo? Way to ruin a Super Bowl, pal.

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The comments on the post are just as candid as the video. Check them out.

People worried about Travis Kelce’s reaction. I’d say this dude has serious issues.”

“Instant divorce. That’s unhinged in this economy.”

“Damn, it’s just a game.”

“This is why we had a projector.”

“Mood changed quick.”

“Love that the audio is still playing though.”

“Bottle of Jack, smashed TV, what better end to a Super Bowl.”

“It’s not that serious.”

“Everyone in the room was way too calm and okay with that, lol.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock