Reba Brings Chris Jones To Tears With Stellar Super Bowl Performance Of National Anthem

Reba National Anthem

Reba does it again. Today was the long-awaited day that Reba opened up Super Bowl LVIII.

If this does not show the NFL that country music deserves another halftime show, I’m not sure what does. Reba McEntire took to one of the most significant stages tonight to perform the song that kicked off her career: the ” Star-Spangled Banner.”

Opening up the Super Bowl is one of the biggest honors that can be bestowed upon an artist, and Reba is no stranger to the famed song. While some fumble the bag trying to put their own spin on the classic song, Reba is someone who is tried and true and nails the national anthem each time she is asked to sing it.

Reba stepped out on the stage in the Las Vegas stadium, tipping her hat to her rodeo roots. She wore a belt buckle and a blinged-out outfit fit for a Rodeo Queen. She nailed every note throughout the performance with passion, delivering each line like the true veteran performer that she is.

Reba stole the show, laying down a close second to Chris Stapleton’s legendary performance from last year.

Check out some of the commentary on social media praising her performance.

“Sang like a single mom who works too hard who loves her kids and will never stop. A true survivor.”

“Reba sang that with such pride, class, and passion. She’s truly a treasure to America and the best person to sing the Anthem. Reba, you are the Queen.”

“Reba was the best choice to honor America. A true legend. A Queen.”

“Pure American her voice, her smile,& her soul. Great choice…”

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