Mecole Hardman Predicted His Team Would Beat The 49ers In The Super Bowl, & He Caught The Game Winning TD

Hard Knocks
Hard Knocks

Well this is a little creepy…

The Kansas City Chiefs won yet another Super Bowl, to no one’s surprise at all. It seemed as though all arrows were pointing toward the Chiefs winning the “Big Game” ever since Taylor Swift jumped on their bandwagon during the season.

But in an exciting overtime game (only the second OT game in Super Bowl history), Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs emerged victorious. The Chiefs dynasty is alive and well, winning back-to-back Super Bowls and winning three of in the last four years.

The Chiefs ultimately won the game 25 to 22, thanks to a buzzer beater touchdown pass thrown by Mahomes to Kansas City wide receiver Mecole Hardman. It was an unbelievable moment, and one that might have been a long time coming.

What do I mean by that? Well, the internet was quick to remember that when Mecole Hardman predicted that his team would face off against the 49ers in the Super Bowl, and that they would win by a score of 31 to 21.

They dug back up the video, which was featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks, and the only kicker is that Hardman was on the New York Jets when he made the prediction (with the help of a mentalist that visited the team).

It must be another punch to the gut for Jets fan, but it is a wildly close prediction considering Hardman went on to join the Chiefs, and then for his team to win the Super Bowl over the 49ers… and for him to catch the game winning pass.

Take a look:

Kind of weird right? I guess we should start paying more attention to mentalists, and always knowing that nothing good will ever come to the New York Jets.

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