“I Have No Idea What To Do” – Tom Brady Shares Hilarious Behind The Scenes Ending To BetMGM’s $50 Million Super Bowl Commercial

Tom Brady

Tom Brady teamed up with BetMGM and actor Vince Vaughn for an awesome Super Bowl commercial that reportedly cost $50 million to produce. Probably money well-spent, especially since BetMGM’s 2023 revenue went up 36% from the previous year to a cool $1.96 billion.

Like so many of the great Big Game ads these days, this one dropped a little while ago, with Brady channeling the alter ego of “Tim Birdie”, a pool-playing, cowboy-hat wearing stud of a man.  The man who has raised the Lombardi Trophy a whopping seven times kicked off Super Bowl Sunday by sharing a glimpse behind the scenes of the BetMGM spot, and to hear how TB12 works through his creative process is just delightful.

If you don’t have much interest in the ad — it’s really good on its own merits, and Brady has a “babysitter” at the end — just skip toward the end. The screen turns black for a bit, before cutting to Brady on set and in-character as Tim Birdie. He seems to be talking to the director and figuring out what he should be doing. It’s the classic Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” scenario.

Brady is trying to figure out Tim Birdie’s physicality and how to interact with a billiards table. What ensues is utter hilarity.

“Do you like me leaned over like this? I mean I’ve never been in this situation in my life, so I have no f****n’ idea what to do.”

To be fair to Tom Terrific, he’s pretty natural on camera from what I’ve seen. He’s made appearances in various TV shows and movies. Actually delivered a damn good monologue in 80 for Brady.

All that FOX broadcasting money and calling next year’s Super Bowl will certainly be a thrill for Brady and keep him around the game that he loves. However, he’s always been floating around and toying with the entertainment industry.

I think at some point he might try to give acting a more serious shot. It’d be hard to look past the fact that he’s, you know, Tom Brady, but with his incredible attention to detail and passion for preparation, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was really exceptional at it someday.

Speaking of early-release Super Bowl commercials, though, I’m fairly confident nothing except maybe the Deadpool 3 trailer will top the Paramount+ ad with Tua Tagovailoa, Creed, Drew Barrymore, Sir Patrick Stewart, and many others.

Given that Tua was just rocking out with Darius Rucker on “Wagon Wheel” in Vegas, I have a retroactive nitpick with Paramount+, or maybe just a sequel pitch to their fantastic Super Bowl commercial. Do a sequel, and get Tua hamming it up on guitar with Scott Stapp and the Creed fellas.

Also, all due respect to Usher and all the other acts for Super Bowl halftime shows…we need a Creed set at the Big Game in the next couple years.

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