Oklahoma Basketball Honoring Toby Keith By Serving All Drinks In Red Solo Cups For “Bedlam” Game

Toby Keith

The Toby Keith tributes keep pouring in.

And this one in particular will feature a lot of beverages being literally poured into red solo cups, which of course was the late great country artist’s go-to receptacle. Toby Keith passed away this past week at the age of 62 after a long battle with stomach cancer. It’s been clear how much he meant to the country music world with the countless tributes that have been posted since.

The “Big Dog Daddy” was an Oklahoma native, and was a longtime supporter of the Oklahoma Sooners. And they too will do their part in honoring the country star, as they teased with this post yesterday.

That picture really says it all, but if you need it spelled out, a writer for the Oklahoman officially broke the news a couple of days prior. For the anticipated college basketball rivalry matchup between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, all drinks at the stadium will be served in Keith’s cup of choice:

“All beverages Saturday for Bedlam basketball will be served in red solo cups, per Toby Rowland (voice of the Sooners). Awesome.”

Describing it as “awesome” almost doesn’t do the Toby Keith tribute justice.

The Bedlam matchup between the Sooners and the Cowboys will now be a “Bedlam & Big Dog Daddy” night, and will act as a celebration of the life of Toby Keith.

I think we can all agree that Oklahoma University is nailing it with this tribute. Obviously, serving all beverages in red solo cups is a nod to Toby Keith’s 2011 hit “Red Solo Cup.”

I’d imagine that Oklahoma’s Lloyd Noble Center will be playing that song, along with a number of other certified classics from Toby Keith.

Though in some ways the night is somber, it’s sure to also be a rowdy environment, and something tells me that’s exactly how the “Big Dog Daddy” would have wanted it.

Or as he so perfectly put it, “Let’s have a party.”

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