“I Couldn’t Even Function” – Toby Keith Hilariously Recalls The First (& Last) Time He Smoked Weed With Willie Nelson

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Man, still hard to believe that the Big Dog Daddy has gone on home.

The country music world is grieving the loss of the great Toby Keith, who passed away this week after a long battle with stomach cancer. Despite knowing that TK had cancer, I still think it came as a total shock to his fans and friends.

Yesterday, a number of fans, friends and fellow country music artists took to social media to share their condolences, their memories, and to honor one of the greatest country stars of the modern era. A talented songwriter and a true patriot, Toby Keith was one of a kind in this industry.

So in the spirit of remembrance, let’s take a look back at one of my all-time favorite Toby Keith stories… the time he smoked with the great Willie Nelson.

It’s no secret that Willie Nelson is the definition of a weed connoisseur. Hell, I’m not even sure if Ol’ Shotgun Willie can even remember the last time he wasn’t stoned. We’re talking about a guy who famously smoked Snoop Dogg under the table (and that’s a direct quote from Snoop himself). Needless to say, Willie is, always has been, and always will be a major advocate for smoking the devil’s lettuce, and he’s not too afraid to share either.

Of course, Toby Keith, has a song called “Weed With Willie” and it pretty much tells the story of how Toby got so zooted with Willie one night, that he completely forgot how to function. And it’s completely a true story.

As the story goes, Keith was in Vegas for Charles Barkley’s birthday party. While he was there, he played a few songs with Willie on stage of his show that night, and Willie asked him to stick around for a little while after the show.

Keith continued:

“Willie’s got that real chronic, medicinal stuff. I’ve never smoked much pot in my life, it’s not my high… we set down and he starts rolling one up, so when in Rome, you know? We burn one, and I couldn’t even function.

It was like, the most hardcore weed that I’d ever had, and I’d only hit it like three or four times, and unlike Bill Clinton I did inhale. I stood up and said ‘Man it’s time for me to go,’ he was just looking at me and I remember my ears were burning, my head’s throbbing, I was breathing different, and he was sitting there grinning at me.

He knew he got me right. I said I had to go and he says ‘Good timing.’ So I had a car take me to my room, I missed the whole Charles Barkley thing, I went down to sleep.”

So there you have it.

That’s the story of the night that Willie Nelson sent Toby Keith to Mars for free, and birthed the song “Weed With Willie.”

Check out the full video here:

“Weed With Willie”

They also teamed up for “Wacky Tobaccy”

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