House Cat Stalks A Deer, Doesn’t Know What To Do When It Gets Close So He Just Plays It Off Cool

Cat stalks deer
Ky Christensen

This cat thinks he’s a lion…

House cats are hilarious and mischievous little animals. As domestic as they are, the truly seem to not be too far detached from their much larger and wilder cousins like lions and tigers, mountain lions, etc… And in all honesty, they still are quite wild. They are the largest killers of songbirds across North America associated with people, estimated around 2.5 billion birds across North America per year that die from them.

That is absurd.

Typically, these felines stick to birds, rodents and small mammals. But, surely like all their wild relatives that are trained assassins they must wonder sometimes.

But, for an animal that rarely weighs more than 15-20 pounds, a 120-pound deer is a large job. This cat certainly wanted to try its luck when it locked onto a deer that was feeding in the dooryard.

The group of deer all wander around feeding, as the cat is hunched down ready to pounce. In a flash it does but quickly slows down as it approaches the much larger deer. The deer stands its ground and keeps its eye on the cat, who just tries to play it all off cool and act like that didn’t just happen.

That’s a bit t0o much animal for this cat to take on.

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