Dana White Says Politicians & The Media Are The Two “Most Hated People In This Country Right Now”

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Ah, the media…

I’ve definitely never considered myself a journalist or even a member of the media for the most part. Even though I’ve been on red carpets at country music awards shows, interviewed a number of big time country singers and co-host one of country music’s more popular podcasts (there really isn’t very many big pods that cover country music to be honest). All that being said, I can’t stand the mainstream media… and I’m not alone.

Dana White sat down with Pat McAfee ahead of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this week, and in addition to a number of other topics including Dana’s insane ability to snatch a few hundred grand from a casino in a matter of minutes, they talked about the mainstream media.

Obviously, Pat’s show is on ESPN, which is owned by Disney, two of the largest media entities in the world and about as mainstream as it gets, but anyone who has watched The Pat McAfee Show knows that Pat and the boys run things a little bit differently (for the better). And that’s why Dana was willing to come on in the first place.

He said he doesn’t even do media anymore:

“I do podcasts, I’ll come hang with you… lots of people want to talk to you because you’re not the media. You’re not coming on podcasts with people you want to have open discussions with and there’s not any gotcha moments there’s no agenda, no clickbait, and all the bull*** that goes on with the media.

Two of the most hated people in this country right now are the politicians and the media.”

I see no lies…

The live feed on ESPN cut to a very long commercial right when Dana started railing against the media, which folks watching live were quick to point out:

However, if you watch the show regularly, you know they always cut to commercial right before 2:00 ET when the show goes off ESPN and continues on for the final hour over on YouTube and ESPN+. Pat and the boys also miss the “goodbye” fairly often so if you’re watching on ESPN, you should be used to it cutting to a commercial mid-conversation.

VERY convenient timing for ESPN, but I assure you, nothing nefarious is going on here… you can watch the full conversation on YouTube.

Dana went on to say that he’s much more moderate than people think:

“People think I’m some crazy Conservative, I’m not. I’m right down the middle and I’m for common sense. There’s lunatics on this side and there’s lunatics on this side, I’m right down the middle. I want common sense and I’m done with all the bull***.”

To which Pat replied:

“I got canceled by both sides in one week… MSNBC on Monday, Fox News on Tuesday and we were live on Wednesday and it was wild. And both sides were saying the same thing. Like Shane Gillis right now… feels like a majority of the people are sick of the bull****.”

Once again, I see no lies…

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