Marlin Comes Screaming Into The Back Of The Fishing Boat Like A Heat-Seeking Missile

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I feel like this guy could play middle linebacker.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed more crazy marlin fishing videos than usual over the past few weeks. There was this guy grabbing one by the bill, this guy getting pulled 15 miles out to sea in a kayak, and of course the now infamous 619 pounder that should have won a $3.5 million dollar prize, but was disqualified due to a minor shark bite.

Well, let’s add another to the list after seeing this video from the coast of Spain.

The Garza Sea Company, a charter service out of Spain, got a client hooked up on a vigorous, leaping marlin and as they were reeling it in, the line got tangled at the tip of the pole. Normally the biggest worry in this situation is the fish getting off from the lack of tension, but this crew was in for a much different experience.

Although it started well off in the distance, this marlin was making a mad dash directly to the boat, absolutely tearing through the water. Marlin very often reach speeds of over 50 mph and some have been clocked at 68 mph, which is quite honestly mindboggling.

This fish had to be very near top speed as it beelined to the stern, where it slammed into the craft and sent the crew flying backwards. Fortunately it looked like everyone was okay and the fish was still on the line but my goodness what a collision. Just a few feet higher and it could have been an much, much uglier ending.

I don’t know if they ended up landing the fish, have to imagine it would be pretty stunned by the impact, but honestly I’m just happy those guys ended up alright.

Marlins, man… they never fail to impress.

Fisherman Jump Ship When Massive Marlin Comes Flying Into The Boat

The old switch-a-roo.

That’s not where I would be wanting to end up though, but then again having a marlin with a massive sword for a face is enough to make me jump into the deep blue. Marlin are one wild fish. We’ve seen them pull a fisherman 15-miles out to sea before. We’ve even seen one jump in a boat before, but not like this.

They are a massive fish, that can weigh in over 1,500-pounds, but on average around 300-400. No matter what way you swing it they’re big. They also have an actual spear attached to their face that they use for hunting. They will swim through fish, injuring them with the spear and then come in for a meal. They’re a fishermen’s dream; big, a good and long fight and they love to jump clear out of the water. Watching a marlin get reeled in is almost unbelievable.

These fishermen had one for the ages. They hooked into a nice one that was putting up a great fight. One was strapped into a chair that helps him gain leverage to be able to pull the powerful fish in closer. The marlin jumps multiple times as it gets in closer to the boat.

As it gets in really closer, it goes down then out of no where takes a big leap right into the boat! As the fish starts to flop around the fishermen panic to avoid its weapon of a face and one actually jumps right out of the boat.

They literally switched places.

It doesn’t get much funnier than that. Especially since they all made it out safe and sound. It just shows how dangerous these fish can be, even an experienced fisherman is so afraid of their raw power that he will leap out of the boat.

Hawaiian Kayak Fisherman Spends Nearly 4 Hours Reeling In A 250-Pound Black Marlin

Is there a more exciting sport fish?

Nevertheless, even with a boat, a crew, and all the proper equipment, it’s not easy task. These fish are big, powerful, and not to mention, they have that big ol’ spear sticking out of their face that can (and has) impale people when it hops in the boat.

So for Hawaii angler Jason Freitas to reel one in using just a kayak… it was the ride of a lifetime.


Here’s what he had to say:

“Just want to say huge mahalo to all that participated in helping me land my first ever marlin and best of all of my kayak!

This fight was nothing but easy for sure. Hooked up on a live opelu in 280 ft of water and dragged MILES straight off shore. I had to play this battle smart as I was only running 40lb fluorocarbon with a 44lb wire leader on a size 5 and 7 Gamakatsu hook.

Thank you to S. Tokunaga Store for always keeping my supplies in stock and ready to go! This bad boy took me for a ride of a life time! At points dragging me up to 7 mph. Can’t thank the boys enough for keeping an eye on me and making sure my 3 1/2 hour journey was as safe as it could be.

Also would like to thank my pops for paddling 3 miles out into the ocean to be there to experience this battle with me. Lastly would like to thank uncle Podo for coming out of his way to not only keep an eye on me, but for also shooting and dragging this beast back in for me. I was definitely not prepared for what I had just experienced.

I had only what I needed to catch at the biggest a 50-80lb fish. But the battle didn’t end there. Bringing this fish home with no cooler big enough was something else. After providing measurements, the estimated weight is 250lbs.

Mahalo again to all and thank you to the lord for watching over me and keeping us all safe!”

Absolutely epic.

Black marlin are primarily found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. One of the biggest species of billfish, black marlin can grow up to 15 feet and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Now, this beast wasn’t 15 feet long, but can you imagine hooking into something like that from a kayak? Lord have mercy…

Check out this beauty.

Here’s more from the catch:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock